The evolution of Alice

Our latest assignment for my drawing class was to draw an interior using 2-point perspective.  I decided to go with Alice in Wonderland.  The piece had to be 18″x24″ and done in pencil.  I needed my vanishing points to be pretty far off the page, so I ended up extending the paper with “wings” taped to my desk, and making a long straight edge by taping two together.  (I really should break down and buy a yard stick).


Hey, it worked.

As I worked on the project, Alice evolved quite a bit.  My initial sketches were a little too vixen-like, and eventually I ended up with a much more youthful Alice.  I was also reminded that I need to work on my figure drawing a lot more.


Working on Alice sketches at a coffee shop in between classes.


My sketches of Alice were on tracing paper so I could easily change them around.

At this point, I decided to go with a darker look for the drawing.  There will be a lot of detail and shading work from here on out.


Working on the background first.

Here you can really see the change in Alice.


After the background was finished, I began working from the right to the left, careful not to smudge things.


Finally ready!

The final piece.  I had a lot of fun doing this, and want to work on this style a lot more.


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