Another dragon!

This little guy is for sale on Etsy:  Fire Dragon


The claws and horns are made from polymer clay. The tape is just to hold things into position until I can get felt around them.


My dragon wings are made from wire, glue, tissue paper, and paint. I love how leathery they turn out.


All of the clay bits are hand painted.


The felting begins!


Just trying the wings on to make sure I’ve sized things correctly. I don’t add them permanently until I am almost finished. They are hard to work around!


Eyes! They are glued into place until I can secure them with felt.


Another “dry fit” to make sure I’m still on the right track.


Starting to add color. I use a quick felting undyed roving for the sculpture, only added dyed roving at the end.

IMG_2823 IMG_2841

DSC_8733 DSC_8735 DSC_8737 DSC_8742 DSC_8744


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